What You Need To Know About Band Saws


When it comes to cutting precise curves and small rabbet pieces, there is no better tool to use than a band saw. Band saws are a special type of equipment that are usually used for wood works. They are available in different types and sizes, which makes it difficult to figure out the one suitable for domestic use.

Different Types of Band Saws.

If you are considering to buy a band saw you need to choose between cabinet models and the shorter units, which are usually mounted on a firm bench. The floor standing cabinet band saws are designed specifically for commercial use. That is why they are mostly used by professionals because they are more complicated to use compared to the small units.saw

Furthermore, you also need to understand that cabinet models feature a strong frame and large motors for efficient work. That is why these particular band saws are much quicker that the flat or short units. Cabinet models can produce consistent cuts without having to make major adjustments, which is difficult to achieve using the short units.

Short units are convenient for home based projects. They are easy to handle since they are small in size, even though you are required to mount the equipment on a firm base before you start using the saw. Moreover, short unit band saws are easy to handle and cheaper as well compared to cabinet models, which are expensive and require more space.

Things to Consider When Choosing Band Saws for Your Project.

If you want to buy a band saw that will meet your cutting needs the first key factor that you need to emphasize on is the depth or the distance table from the upper blade. This distance determines how stock or thick you piece of wood will be once you cut it. Most band saws have a depth of six inches or less while others possess and extend feature that allows you to increase the depth when necessary.

The throat of the equipment is the distance from the blade to the saw’s body or the vertical frame. The size of the throat determines the width of the piece of wood or any other material that you cut. Most band saws do not give you the option of extending this distance. However, you will realize that some band saws have a longer throat than others.

band sawAnother important feature you should focus on is the size of the motors. The larger the motor the higher the speed, which is why it is advisable that you choose a band saw with about one horsepower if it is for domestic use. However, professionals can use cabinet models, which possess large motors for generating higher speed.


Band saws range at different prizes depending on the type, size and the brand of the equipment. Moreover, you can use local directories to find dealers who are offering this equipment at an affordable rate. Furthermore, you can also shop from an online store where it is much convenient and comfortable. For more information to help you find the best band saw for you check out our band saw reviews page, also check wikipedia here.

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