The Use of Scroll Saws

A scroll saw is a specialty saw that is able cut intricate curves and designs in situations where a jig saw or a coping saw is not appropriate. The designs are even to detailed for those saws to work well. Scroll saws can be powered or operated with a foot pedal. The saw is names after the way that it is used traditionally to make ornaments or scroll-headed designs. A scroll saw is similar to a band saw in that the blade is a loop that is continuous in its operation, while the blade is thin like in a jig saw or a coping saw. It operates in a rapid up and down motion.

A scroll saw has a couple of advantages over a band saw, one being that the blade can be removed and then placed through a starting hole that has been pre-drilled. This one specific feature allows cut-outs to be initiated from the interior of a design without having to create an entry slot from the edge of the design. A second advantage is that a scroll saw can cut extremely more intricate curves and designs, such as fancy lettering. The scroll saw is a very popular instrument among woodworkers, as it allows a great deal of flexibility and creativity. It doesn’t require a great deal of space, yet it can operate on a budget that requires little more than just the saw.

It can be used to create projects that have very intricate joints and curves, and it can be used to create dovetail joints where it is nearly impossible to find the kerf, or the starting and stopping place of the cuts. It can cut very finely and thus it is especially useful in the creation of elaborate signs and designs. The scroll saw is a very save instrument to use, as it would be extremely rare to ever have a person’s hands and fingers anywhere near the blade while working with the saw.

There are available thousands of patterns for the use of the woodworker using scroll saws. The patterns are available for free in many places and for a slight cost for some of the more elaborate ones. The variants of what patterns are available are as numerous as the stars in the sky, as they range from simple signs that can be made and personalized in a somewhat three-dimensional format to very detailed designs and replicas of various plants, animals, shelving, and ornamentations.  For some great scroll saw pattens check out

Patterns can be attached to wood by adhesives and the cuts can be made around the edge of the pattern. This takes a little practice, but once mastered, it is not all that difficult if a person takes their time and is careful. The results of scroll saw work is marvellous to say the least. Everything from personalized home signs that can say everything from “Welcome” to more detailed sayings and proverbs. There are as many ways to cut wood with patterns and scroll saw work as there are people on the planet, and if you are looking for a great hobby, this may be it! For info on on finding the best scroll saw vist our reviews page.

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