Skil 3320

Skil 3320 Review

  • Amperage: 3.2
  • Rating: 120V
  • No Load RPM: 5 Speed; 750-3,050
  • Chuck Size: 1/2-Inch
  • Drill on Center: 10-Inches
  • Tilting Work Table: 0-45 Degrees
  • Table Size: 7-5/8-Inches
  • Certifications: cSAus

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Skil 3320 10-Inch Drill Press – a very easy to assemble drill- could also be reckoned as the best drill in its class for its economical price and also for the minimal adjustments one would do while working with it. It comes armed with a laser beam guiding system for maximum accuracy and a tilt able iron work surface along with a 3.2-amp motor, alongside other interesting features.

skilIncludes 10-in Drill Press with Laser – 3320, Cast Iron Base and Work Table, (2) AA Batteries, Chuck Key

Price and main features list

Equipped with a 3.2-amp motor.

Stop marks for depth adjustment.

Tilt able (up to 45 degree) work table.

Comes with different drilling speeds (570 – 3,050 RPM).

2 Laser Beam Guide System (LaserX2).

An Iron table and cast work base.

55 pounds in shipping weight.

Dual Double a Batteries for the laser system.

Who is it for?

This drill press is most suitable for those who love to do their own domestic drilling work at home, because this is a flawless piece of machinery when it comes to this kind of work. The press is quiet, smooth and user friendly, and can withstand usage of one to two people on it, and yet it can take heavy duty. So if you don’t like to go to a specialist for electrical assemblies or other appliances, then is your drill of choice.

Pros and cons

Although I absolutely adored this drill press, but I’ll try and be objective, starting from the stage when I was trying to decide on a drill for my workspace in the basement, this Drill Press caught my attention, although I was a little bit sceptical because of its price, but I was surprised with all the good reviews, so I decided to try it myself, and the reviews were right, as its low price turned out to be the biggest advantage and the main reason for anyone to buy this beautiful drill.

skil 1I received the package and it was fantastically packaged and protected by Styrofoam. And its assembly had clear instructions and didn’t take any time. As of the performance of the drill press, it is unmatched; its laser adjustment is insanely accurate and easy to use, which makes it a precision beast, and despite of the accuracy, minimal adjustments is required for your work.

It only got two small downsides, the laser runs on batteries, and a lot of hassle is required to change the speed.

Why you should buy it?

Where should I start? It will exceed all of your expectations, as you will not expect to have such a high quality and a heavy duty drill with just a hundred bucks, but that’s exactly what you are going to get, one of the best domestic drills you can find, so you are going to get a drill that will cost you $100 but you will get performance of a $300 drill. It’s not really a matter of whether to buy it or not? It’s a matter of when to buy it? And the answer is right now.


Don’t wait any longer, and start sweeping and making place for this drill at your basement or workspace, a very easy yes to the Skil 3320 10-Inch Drill Press.sawstop review

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