Set The Height of Your Table Saw Blade.

Properly Set The Height of Your Table Saw Blade

There’s a common saying when it comes to setting table saw blade heights and that’s Only allow the blade to rise above the work by the amount of finger you wish to lose.You must always be extremely cautious when setting the blade height, and always double check everything.

Set the blade so that it protrudes as little as possible

When setting the height of your table saw blade is best to set the blade so that it protrudes as little as possible above the wood or material your cutting. The higher it is above the timber the more likely it will make a deeper cut if you have an accident.


Always have safety in mind

Make sure you always have safety in mind when adjusting the table saw blade. It is much better to have the table saw unplugged when carrying out adjustments, table saws can cause serious injury and must be taken extremely seriously when carrying this out. Just look at the stats for table saw injuries: According to CPSC estimates, the annual averages of all table saw injuries are 38,490 injuries for 2001/2002 and 39,750 injuries for 2007/2008Read more

Friction can be serious safety problem

So you can see just how dangerous table saws can be, so take the up-most care when dealing with them. The friction that can build up can be a serious safety problem, you can reduce this problem by lowering the table saw blade. One of the best things to do is set the blade so that it is one full blade saw tooth above the wood or timber.

set table saw blade height

Its best to lower your blade when you are finished for the day, or when you’ll be leaving the table saw alone for an extended period. This will ensure the blade is protected but most importantly there will be no possibility to cause anyone harm once it’s properly secured below the table, safety first!

Final thought

We would always get a professional carpenter who has experience when setting up table saw properly. If you are a novice you must seek out someone with experience to help you. If something ever does happen there’s no going back, it’s just not worth taking any risks what so ever.

So, a final thought, we hope this post helps you to correctly set the height of your saw blade correctly, if you require any further information don’t hesitate to contact us. Many thanks for reading.

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