SawStop JSS-MCA Review

  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Stowed Dimensions: 26-1/4″ L x 28-3/4″ W x 45″ H

  • One Turn Elevation: Raise and lower the blade in just one turn on the handwheel

  • Solid T-Style Fence with ErgoLock: Slides easily and locks firm with the push of the innovative ErgoLock. 25.5″ rip capacity
  • Easy Mobility: Simple, intuitive action extends the Mobile Cart for use and collapse the cart for transport

A table saw is not easy to locate in this day and age. Some solutions are not as powerful as needed, while others simply lack quality. It is imperative to find a world-class solution that is going to sustain its quality for a long time to come.

The saw being reviewed here goes by the name “SawStop JSS-MCA”.

It is a solution that has been making waves and is going to be assessed thoroughly in this read. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the product and what it has to offer those who are need of a new option.


1) Large Wheels for Easy Movement

2) One Turn Elevation Is Offered

3) Micro Adjust for Accuracy

4) Pedal Release

5) Includes Accessory Storage Drawer

6) Extension Clamp

7) Low Profile Blade Guard

8) T-Style Fence

9) Simple Fence Holster

Remarkable Foldable Wheelbase

Let’s start with the foldable wheelbase when it comes to the SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw. It is an exceptional base and one that makes the rest of the table saw stand out.

The heavy-duty wheels are nice, and this machine which weighs 108 lbs is tremendous and has the quality you are gunning for. It is able to move around without making you miss a beat. This is how a table saw should be in the modern age.


A solution such as this has to be safe, or it is not going to be of much use. There are numerous safety features built-in with this table saw, and that is what matters.

They have a world-class braking technology designed into the table saw to make sure things stop when there is danger. A person is not going to get injured while using this solution and that is a massive benefit.

Robust Accessories

Let’s move onto the accessories that come along with the table saw. In general, when a table saw does not have useful accessories, the power that it generates can go to waste. The SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw is excellent because the accessories are fabulous.

The blade guard is crisp and accurate, which makes it easier to go through materials and not have to worry about excess.

The accessibility to the accessories is a positive as well that should not be ignored. The drawer is in an easy to reach spot for those who want to keep changing between parts as they are completing a task.

 sawstop 2Average Motor Output

Is there a con with this table saw? It is not a con for those who are okay with a reasonable option that is well-priced. The motor comes in at 15 Amp 1.5HP, which is an average option. It does more than enough in most cases, and that is why people adore it.

For larger projects, it might not have the absolute power that is required.

It is essential to understand the needs a person has before moving forward and getting a saw. In general, people don’t have complaints as it can cut through anything with relative ease.

Concluding Thoughts

The SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw is an exceptional option for those who are looking to make a new addition to their collection of tools. It can cut through materials easily and make sure things are safe at the same time. For those who want a world-class table saw, this has to be near the top of your list.

It is well-designed and made to remain robust.

What more can a person ask for when it comes to their new table saw? It works like a charm and the positives are remarkably consistent with the machine. For further table saw reviews visit our homepage, also check out sawstops website.


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