Sawstop CNS175


CNS175-SFA30 1-3/4 HP Contractor Saw

  • Prevents serious injury with always-on protection
  • Comes with 30-inch aluminum extrusion fence and rail kit
  • Ideal for construction professionals, maintenance shops, hobbyists and DIYers, and shops with limited space
  • Compatible with 10-inch standard blades and 8-inch dado sets
  • Left tilting blade helps prevent wood from binding against the fence
  • One-year limited warranty

sawstop review

In the field of woodworking, there are a lot of things needed. The talent to carve and cut wood into pleasing shapes, a pursuit as complex and intricate as painting and sculpture, takes years of dedicated practice to develop and making it look good takes even longer.

A solid working know of carpentry is also essential to a woodworker’s arsenal, as well as a thorough understanding of the dizzying array of different woods that can be worked with and how to use them best. A woodworker must be extremely dedicated to the art to produce even a single worthwhile creation from their personal shop.

aOne thing that woodworkers also need is the equipment needed to work with wood. Some of this equipment is fairly uncomplicated. Hammers, nails, brushes for stain and hand saws all find their way into a carpenter’s hands eventually. But some tools are more complex and at times far more powerful than hand tools.

One such tool is the table saw, a useful device for any woodworker who needs a specific length and cut of wood out of a large piece of the stuff, ideally with minimal damage to the material and done at a near perfect cut.

One particular table saw on the market today is the Sawstop CNS175-SFA30. This saw, though quite powerful, is not actually the most powerful saw on the market, though few non-professionals find much use for saws more powerful. Its engine operates at a genuinely potent 1.75 horsepower, capable of cutting nearly any wood at any size thickness beneath the saw blade’s actual height.

However, some users have noted that while the saw can absolutely cut essentially any wood, strong woods in large thicknesses tend to give this saw some problems, sometimes even causing malfunctions in the saw. Most users find that these problems are easily averted by feeding the wood to the saw slowly rather than quickly. While a higher horsepower engine could do this cutting faster, few woodworking hobbyists find themselves in any major hurry, barring unusual circumstances.

The safety features of the saw are among its highest virtues and many people who are normally on edge about power tools still find that this saw is useful to them despite their misgivings. Still, for those for whom safety is a secondary concern, this saw still stacks up quite nicely compared to the competition. The saw itself is surprisingly quiet, and while it is still a power tool, many long-time woodworkers are surprised by how little noise there is to this device.sawstop 2

The cuts are quite impressive as well, leaving behind minimal damage to the wood itself while still giving a clean, smooth cut the vast majority of the time. A number of users also have a high regard for the quality of its materials and constructions. These table saws are built to last despite the relatively low price for a table saw in its range. Finally, most users have next to no problems actually assembling the saw on their own.

On the down side, another a number of users also feel that the stamped steel wings that make up the sides of the device are inferior to sides made of cast iron. Still, this can absolutely be changed with another manufacturer’s sides and a bit of technical know-how. A dust catcher is not included, and many users with easily aggravated lungs or sinuses find that dust catchers are essential. This saw is contractor grade and built to last a long while even under heavy use, and makes a good choice for a woodworker who needs a reasonably safe and powerful saw at a reasonable price.

sawstop review

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