Ryobi RTS10G

Ryobi RTS10G Review


  • Powerful 15-Amp motor can deliver up to 5,000 RPM for cutting power
    10 in. blade
  • Expanded rip capacity with 12 in. of space to the right of the blade and 8 in. to the left
  • Adjustable miter gauge for accurate cross cuts
  • Lightweight design for easy transport
  • Large 25 in. x 17 in. table provides support for large ripping operations
  • Measures from the floor to the top of of the stand 24.25″ From the floor to the top of the table 35.25″.

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There is no greater hobby than woodworking. Choosing woodworking as a hobby is both rewarding and satisfying plus you will be able to build and construct a variety of items that will be useful around any home, farm, or business. The nice thing about woodworking is that you can do it with a few basic tools or you can become a master woodworker with a complete fully equipped woodworking shop. The choice will be yours to make but for many beginner woodworkers they start off with the basic tools and then add more little by little.

When it comes to purchasing different pieces of woodworking equipment for your woodworking shop one of the most important pieces is a good quality table saw.  A table saw is essential for any woodworking shop and a name that stands above many other brands is a company called Riobi. This company makes a variety of woodworking equipment from small too large but if you are interested in their table saws then you should try the RYOBI RTS10G 10-inch Table Saw complete with stand.

This particular table saw is easy to use and is lightweight. It comes with a 15-amp motor that can easily generate powerful cutting and has a rating of 5000 RPM. The table size is 17-inch x 25-inch and this will provide adequate size and support for any large ripping operations. For accurate cross cutting this excellent table saw also has an adjustable miter gauge. This table saw uses a 10-inch blade and there is expanded capacity of 8 inches to the left of the blade and 12 inches to the right of the blade.

As previously mentioned the unit is lightweight which allows for easy transportation from home to job-site. The unit stand is 24 1/4 inches from the floor and the top of the table is 35 1/4 inches from the floor. This is the perfect height for comfortable cutting. When you purchase this unit you will receive the table saw, a stand assembly, a 24 tooth carbide tipped blade, a hex key, a blade guard assembly, a push stick, a ripped fence, blade wrenches, anti-kickback pawls, and an easy to understand operator’s manual.

You will be able to purchase either a brand-new unit or a factory reconditioned product from various retail and online outlets. For anyone who is considering purchasing a reconditioned product it generally means that the particular product has been returned to the manufacturer who then reconditions the unit to its original fully functional factory condition. Sometimes a reconditioned product may contain various scratches, scrapes, or cosmetic blemishes but they are guaranteed to work. The factory will provide the owner with a one-year warranty.

Yes, woodworking is a great hobby for anyone who enjoys creating beautiful pieces of furniture and other items. A table saw is definitely a must for a woodworker who is serious about starting this interesting hobby. It will provide you with a lifetime of creative opportunities to show off your woodworking skills and expertise.

sawstop review

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