Rockwell RK7033 Review

Rockwell RK7033 Review

Main features list

  • a five speed gear box to give you loads of drilling options,
  • a powerful motor with 3.6 amps,
  • a bevelling table which moves between 0 – 45 degrees left and right,
  • an external belt tension adjuster, to increase safety and ease of use,
  • wedges for removing the chuck if need be,
  • a solid and durable construction with a steady weight of 79.2 lbs,
  • two years’ manufacturer’s warranty,
  • The Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill press will make a great addition to your home workshop. The powerful 3.6-amp motor is mated with a gear box which has five speeds and an external belt tensioner, and will deliver great performance, making this a fantastic value package. Spindle travel is 2-3/8″, whilst the throat depth is 5” and the column diameter is 2-3/4 inches.

The table is 7-7/8 inches’ square and bevels from 0 to 45 degrees left and right. The base size of the unit is 14″ x 9-1/4″ and the drill press is very stable as the whole thing weighs 79.2 lbs. The Rockwell RK7032 also comes with both a spanner wrench and a chuck key.

Who is it for?

Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill press would suit an average handyman to perform a variety of drilling applications. Whilst it is a cheap unit, it is fairly good value and could tackle most jobs that come its way. Precision drilling is average, but it has a very smooth operating motion and is very easy to use.sawstop review

Pros and cons

Rockwell RK7032 10-Inch Drill press appears to be a high quality drill press. The price is low considering the quality of build and extra features. This Rockwell RK7033 runs quietly and smoothly with little or no noticeable vibration. It even comes with a removal wedge to allow chuck replacement. The threaded plastic balls attached to the handle ends are prone to stripping their threads and falling off. Some at least appear to be made of a poor grade of plastic which is too soft.

There is no assembly manual with product, although there is a rough diagram which when combined with self-help videos from U-Tube will get you through the process of assembly.

The packaging through the post left a lot to be desired and there is a fair chance your drill will suffer some damage before arriving. It may even be preferable to look for a local store with one to be on the safe side. There is some lack of precision in the drill control arm; perhaps it could be set up with finer gearing.

Why should you buy it?

Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill press is obviously designed for continuous use, enabling moderately precise drilling of most materials in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. It is quite well made and has a powerful, smooth running motor with 5 separate, selectable gear ratios. It is good value.


All in all Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill press seems to be a high quality unit considering the price. It has the power to do the job and the weight and constructive design to be safe and adaptable. The Rockwell RK7033 even has a couple of extras that are unusual in cheaper drill presses, such as the drill chuck removal wedges and the external belt drive tensioner.

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