PRIMEWELD 50 A reviewPRIMEWELD 50 A Review

It is uniquely designed for extensively applications including being used in industrial and construction sites. Even though, it is an ideal tool for home project. It is dual voltage 110/220 vac 50A digital inverter plasma. It is portable and cheaper than the oxyacetylene and works perfectly well after a few cuts. It requires less cleaning, less maintenance, produces less noxious gases and less fire hazards.

It gives cleaner cut and performs better.
If you want a custom fit, all you need to do is to move the torch trigger. The device can be used in either thumb or finger positions. The torch head is low and can effectively be used in tight spaces. The High Frequency DC Plasma can be used to cut thicker materials better than the standard DC plasma cutters.

The High Frequency Plasma is effective, cuts faster and minimizes the distortion on the piece that is being worked on. It is also possible to purchase an optimized version based on MOSFET transistor, which provides higher output power required to cut thick metals. Its power output is table thus it can effectively be used for thin metal cutting.Table Saw Sales Button


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