Makita Table Saws

Makita is a leading brand in electrical tools and equipment for the professional and the hobbyist. The tools are well build and ergonomically designed. A table saw from Makita can cut with precision, so you will always have a clean straight cut every time.

Latest Makita Table Saws for 2018


Rip Size
Tool Weight
makita 2705
Makita 2705
65 lbs
1 Year
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If woodworking is your passion, no doubt you dream about having a woodworking shop where you can have all the tools that you will need for your projects organized in a way that you like. A nicely equipped wood shop should have some basic tools. Among the larger tools, a table saw is a must-have. If you are in the market for one, consider getting Makita table saws.


The table saw can be put on your work bench or it can have its own stand. When using it with a stand, you need to make sure that you have the floor space for it. An advantage of using a stand is that you can keep it mobile and use it anywhere where you need to make a cut. Just remember to lock the wheels of the stand before you use it for stability purposes.

Makita table saws are ideal for any wood shop of the hobbyist or professional. You get professional quality, precision cuts for all of your projects.

Electrical tools like a table saw should be maintained regularly in order to extend its life and preserve its performance. After you are done using your table saw, unplug the unit. Use a soft-bristled brush to sweep the sawdust off of the table top. You want to keep the table top smooth so that your wood piece will glide over the top smoothly as you make the cut. Use a shop vacuum to remove and sawdust that is stuck in the crevices of the table saw. Retract the blade when not in use to protect yourself and the blade. The blade on the Makita model is covered beneath so that it is protected.

If there is a member in your household who just loves woodworking and needs a table saw, the model from Makita would make the perfect gift. Imagine all the projects that can be made. Custom furniture, toys, book shelves can all be made from using the table saw. This is an essential tool in any serious wood shop.

There is no other way to make a clean, straight cut. You may have thought about using a circular saw, but the cut is usually not as precise as what you can make on the tables saw. A circular saw can make rough cuts, whereas the table saw can make finer cuts. Choose the right blade for the table saw for the material that you want to cut. Whether is soft wood, hard wood, MDF, or even plastic, there is a perfect blade for your Makita table saw. Using the right blade for your material will give you the clean result that you expect from a high quality Makita table saw.

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