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Jet Table Saw 708675JET 708675PK Review

The JET 708675PK XACTA SAW Deluxe is a Jet Table Saw 708674 table with a larger right table extension. It has a 240VAC, 3 horsepower motor. It’s a cabinet table saw capable of maximum rip widths of 50″. Like the other Jet Table Saw models it has a lot of features you would expect to find in table saws costing much more.

If you are online looking for a Jet Table Saw or a Jet Xacta Saw, then you are probably either comparing specifications or looking for the best price. I always check the world’s largest supplier of woodworking machines before I buy anything just to put my mind at ease that I’m receiving the best possible price.

It comes with a riving knife that follows the table saw blade and is also a quick release type along the a arbor lock button to make changing the table saw blade an easier, faster and safer operation. It’s a true cabinet table saw and the cabinet includes a built in storage drawer so you have all the accessories conveniently located.

Features of the JET Table Saw 708675PK XACTA Table Saw

Power transfer is through a poly V belt for more efficient operation and to reduce vibration. Includes a fence system that gives a rip width of 50″ and is a high quality commercial fence that stays locked down and does not flex under operation. To help isolate the motor from fluctuating line voltage, the Jet table saw 708675 includes a magnetic switch within the On/Off mechanism. Blade is a left tilt for added safety so the cut offs don’t get wedged between the fence and the blade. Table is made from cast iron to help reduce vibration with the additional weight. Table surface area is 1218 square inches (28″ by 42″) Blade tilt and height adjustments is made through cast iron. Locking pins allow for extremely precise adjustments and the adjustments stay in place with no movement when locked down

Easy, Precise and Repeatable Cuts.

Since this is a XACTA saw, in included a VACTA fence and a miter gauge too. Dust collection is through a 4″ dust port and a internal dust shroud. Blade changes are easier, safer and faster with the use of the arbor lock button. The cast iron table top and trunnion add weight to help reduce vibration and the use of cast iron give this table saw a very long life. The large 1281 square inch table top is made from cast iron and is precision ground. The saw includes both left and right table extensions too. The cabinet table saw has a wide stance for more stability when cutting large panels.

Blade Height and Tilt Adjustment Through Cast Iron Wheels

The blade tilt and blade height wheels are 8″ diameter cast iron wheels. Operation is smooth and when locked in place, they stay locked in place.

Blade Tilts Left for Safer Operation

When a blade tilts away from the fence the operation is safer because the cut off pieces cannot get wedged between the fence and the blade so there’s less likelihood of dangerous kickbacks.

240VAC, 3 Horsepower Motor.

The motor is a powerful 3 horsepower, 240VAc motor and this XACTA saw uses a V belt to help reduce vibration and to provide more efficient power transfer to the blade.

Wide Table Top Allows Wide Rip Cuts

The included XACTA commercial fence works in conjunction with a wider right side table extension to allow rip widths up to 50″. The fence slides smoothly on the front rail and stay locked in place when locked down with no creep or flex.

Magnetic On/Off Switch

If you have ever had a circuit breaker trip when using a table saw, then you have experienced how dangerous it can be. Without a magnetic switch the table saw will power back up when the power is restored and can result in a very dangerous condition. Using magnetic on/off switch means when the power is lost, the saw turns off so it does not come back on when power is restored.

Safety Features

The safety features you would like all come standard with this XACTA Jet Table Saw. Blade guard, riving knife, anti-kickback mechanisms (pawls) are part of this table saw.

The 708675 Jet Table Saw | XACTA Table Saw weighs in at 510 pounds.

Standard XACTA Jet Table Saw warranty is 5 years.



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