Even the most complex and demanding woodworking jobs are a breeze with JET’s 14 inch Deluxe Band Saw. The heavy cast iron frame fitted to this model makes it easy to handle even the toughest resaw tasks without the need for riser blocks. The saw’s capabilities are further extended by a brand-new design for its high tension springs. JET’s 14-inch Deluxe Band Saw will see you through countless woodworking projects in the years ahead. At the ordinary 90 inch setting, the saw’s cutting depth is 12 inches. Cuts can be angled 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. The saw’s blade size (L X W X T) is 93-105 x 1/8-3/4.


Cutting capacity: 1,500 / 3,000 SFPM
Stand included
NOTE: No variable speed option
Motor: 1-1/4 HP
Voltage: 115 / 230
Dimensions: 29 in X 28 in X 77 in
Flat stock capacity: 13-1/2 in X 12 in


* Integrated 12 inch resaw capacity (for larger pieces)
* 2 speed belt drive system (poly-V)
* Upper and lower frame of cast iron featuring a new design for greater stability and strength
* Blade tracking window for improved visibility
* Blade guide post featuring rack and pinion style adjustment
* Ball bearing guides (upper and lower) for minimal friction and improved blade life
* Convenient quick-release blade tension
* Enclosed stand with accessible door and storage shelf
* Integrated blade guard (retractable) covers 0-12 in resaw
* New spring design capable of supporting increased blade tension
* Table dimensions: 15 in X 15 in, 43-1/2 in height
* Dust port: 4 in diameter (300 CFM dust collection recommended)
* 14 in wheels for repositioning

In order to deal with stock of all shapes and sizes, this saw can accept pieces up to 12 inches high and 13-1/2 inches wide. There’s a retractable blade guard built in than can be adjusted from 0 to 12 inches, making it easy to adjust to pieces of any size. The impressive blade speed (1500 / 3000 SFPM) and heavy-duty cast iron frame make this saw more than capable of tackling even the toughest materials. The new frame design stands up to all sorts of resawing work and renders riser blocks effectively obsolete.

With an adjustable work table that measures a generous 15 inches x 15 inches and inclines (either 10 degrees left or 45 degrees right), it’s easy to adjust the JWBS-14DXPRO to handle any project’s unique needs. The table height of 43-1/2 is also ideally suited to line up with virtually any job. The design improvements featured on this model ensure that it will remain durable and reliable for years to come. With friction-reducing ball bearing guides mounted both above and below the blade, blade performance is significantly improved, leading to a longer useful life from each blade.

The poly-v belt drive delivers consistent performance at your choice of two different speeds. Maintaining flexibility and making mid-work adjustments is easy thanks to the saw’s quick release blade tension. The high-tension spring system will ensure power and accuracy even after heavy long-term use. Accuracy is further improved by the saw’s guide post, which features rack and pinion adjustment.

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