JET 708358K Review

JET 708358K Review

Tlathe 2he JET 708358K JWL-1442VSK 14-by-42-Inch VS PRO Wood Lathe is a great tool that can be used to spin an object on its axis. While spun on its axis, you can then cut, drill, deform, and sand your object so that it is symmetrical around an axis. This lathe is specifically for wood objects. Items you can produce on this lathe include bowls, table legs, and baseball bats.


This wood lathe is produced by Walter Meier, a company founded in 1937. It produces tools, especially in air tools, metalworking, material handling, woodworking, and work-holding. One of the brands Walter Meier has is JET, which is the same brand as this wood lathe.

Main Features List

  •     8 speeds (450 – 3000 rpm)
  •     43.5’’ center
  •     60’’ x 17’’ x 44’’
  •     356 lbs.
  •     1 hp
  •     115V motor
  •     5 year warranty
  •     Tool rest
  •     Spur center, live center
  •     Wrench
  •     Knockout
  •     Spindle locks

Who is it best for?

This JWL-1442VSK Lathe is best for those who are serious about woodwork. Because this is over one thousand dollars, it is not very good for beginning woodwork.

Pros and Cons

It is a very sturdy lathe with legs. It is a very lathe because it is so heavy. This wood lathe is so sturdy that it can handle very heavy materials, and objects up to 42 inches. It is famous for being so quiet and well-balanced.

At 356 pounds, this wood lathe is very sturdy, and its legs are made of cast iron. This keep the wood lathe on the ground and it does not wobble during use. The wood lathe also has a pulley system that allows you to change into eight speeds from 450 to 3000 rotations per minute, which gives you a lot of speeds to pick from whether you need to cut or sand or drill. With 1 horsepower and a 115 volt motor, this lathe is strong enough for any project you need. It can fit up to 42 inches length and 14 inches width.  Its headstock can turn up to 360 degrees, or you can stop it at 45 and 90 degrees, so you can position it anywhere so that it can be extremely flexible and comfortable for the user. There is a pin inside the live center in case you need to bore through the wood for a project. This wood lathe also has a mechanism to adjust the head, tail, and tool rest without the use of tools. It comes with a five year warranty.

A potential drawback of this lathe that it is so heavy that you probably need someone to help you to put it together, and this wood lathe is better for table spindles than it is for bowls. Also, customer service for JET products is not usually very good.

Why should you buy it?

With so many features and great stability, this great lathe can surely meet your woodworking needs.

Final Verdict

The lathe can hold quite a large amount of material, and it is very sturdy. This is a lathe you can trust.

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