Hobart Airforce 500534

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Hobart Airforce 500534

airforceIt is designed to cut up to ¼’’ and is powered by a standard 115VAC. It comes with a build in air compressor, an inverter power supply that makes this plasma cutter portable and convenient to use. Compared to oxy/fuel torch, it is efficient and cuts faster, gives a thinner kerf, more precise cut and a less slag to clean up.

It produces smaller heat affected zone hence it is less warping. With this plasma cutter, you really do not have to set the gas pressure or fume tuning. Also, one does not have to heat the metal before cutting. Buying Hobart Airforce 500534 is convenient since there are no pressurized gas cylinders to transport and thus, you really do not incur gas expenses nor worry about refilling gas cylinders.

AirForce 250ci comes ready to use, no knobs to adjust and set. All you need to do is to plug in the unit pull the trigger and cut. The Airforce 250ci is very effective in cutting sheet metal and 1/8’’ mild steel. It can also cut a ¼’’ steel. Besides, it is ideal for HVAC, sheet metal cutting, farm and ranch, auto body and can suitably be used for plumbing projects. Table Saw Sales Button

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