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Hitachi Table Saws

If you are an enthusiastic DIYer, rather than a professional woodworker, one of the best brands to look for if you want a table saw is Hitachi. Their range of table saws have an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability and quality, but the prices are also some of the most affordable on the market. However, amateur wood craftsmen should be very careful when they try out their new purchase. A table saw is one of the most useful machines in the woodshop, but it is also statistically the most dangerous.

It is imperative that you follow basic safety procedures. Here are the precautions which must be taken when operating your new Hitachi table saw.

Wear Safety Equipment
Take a common sense approach when using a table saw. Never wear loose fitting items of clothing, jewellery, scarves or anything else which could become entangled with the blade. You should also ensure that you always wear appropriate safety equipment such as hearing protection and safety glasses. Many accidents involving this type of tool occurred because a person was “just making a quick cut” and didn’t think it was worth donning the protective equipment.

Double Check the Safety Features
Even if your Hitachi table saw is brand new and seems in excellent working order, you should get into the habit of double checking if the safety features are fully functional before you start. This includes looking at the saw blade guard, the anti-kickback pawls and any safety button designed to lock the machine. The checks only take a few seconds but are one of the most important steps in staying safe.

Tidy Your Woodwork Area, Accidents are more likely to occur if your area is chaotic and your table saw is surrounded by off cuts and excess saw dust. Not only can mishaps occur if something gets knocked over, small cut-offs and dust can get into the mechanism of the saw and impair its function. Get into the habit of tidying as you go along.

Never Start with the Blade Engaged
Some amateurs place the wood against the blade before switching on the power. This is incorrect and potentially dangerous. The blade should be able to spin freely when first turned on, and should be allowed to build up speed before it engages with the wood. This if necessary if the cut is to be clean and easy.

Disconnect the Power during Adjustments
If you are making an adjustment, such as changing a blade, the power should always be turned off. Being careful is not enough to protect you from accidents because it only takes one small jolt or slip to provoke a serious mishap.

Keep a Good Posture
Finally, always keep a solid stance when operating the machine. Your posture should be distributed for maximum stability and you should not stand directly in line of the blade, as this can lead to kick back.

Hitachi provide safety instructions with all of their products. These should be read in full before operating the table saw.

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