grizzly g0555 1Grizzly G0555 Review

The Grizzly G0555 has a 1 Hp motor which can produce 1725 RPM on no load. The frame and the table of the saw are made from precision ground cast iron. The 14 inch saw is equipped with band blade with a size of 3/8”.

The Grizzly G0555 has a ball bearing construction. The upper and lower band blade guides are ball bearing as well. The saw has two speeds of operation.

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The table has a cast iron construction and stands 43-5/16″ above the floor. The fence is made of extruded aluminum. The fence scale has a magnifying window. The band saw also has a miter gauge.

To facilitate easy moving around the workplace, the Grizzly G0555 has cast aluminum wheels with rubber tires.


Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw Specifications

  • Powered by a 1Hp motor
  • 3/8” inch blade, fence and miter gauge
  • Frame and table constructed from cast Iron
  • Ball bearing construction and upper/lower blade guides are ball bearing
  • 4” dust port for dust collection
  • Measures 66-1/2″H x 26-3/8″W x 30-1/4″D

grizzlyGrizzly G0555 Bandsaw Reviews

The Grizzly G0555 band saw received very good reviews. It was liked by users because it was strong and it was able to handle whatever was thrown at it. Be it sawing or re-sawing, this band saw seemed to handle it easily according to the reviews.

Over a hundred reviews that we found stated clearly what is good about this saw. Some of them also mentioned a few things in the way of correction, which we hope will be implemented by the manufacturer.

The stability is the first thing that is required from a band saw. The Grizzly G0555 is a really stable performer. Before they ordered, many reviewers got the impression from the images that it is not a stable saw. But when the band saw arrived, they were surprised. Now we can understand the surprise; the cost that the saw sells for will make you wonder about the stability. All you go to do is see it. Owing to the heavy weight stand and the stable design, the saw runs vibration free.

grizzly band saw reviewThen there is the ease of use. The blade can be easily aligned and the frame guides you beautifully. Several reviewers mentioned how it was easy to set up your workflow and get going with it. Even when re sawing with other band blade, this saw performed beautifully.

The 4” inch dust collection system can handle all the dust produced. With a hose, you can be sure that your work flow will be clean.

In the reviews we came across, there really were no negatives. While this saw has several features that are characteristic of more expensive band saws, it does miss out on a few basics. The light for instance. The Grizzly G0555 does not have facility to illuminate the work area. There are several ways one could work around this. We would have taken this as a negative but for the price it sells, we really cannot complain.


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