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Delta 36-L552 5 Review

The Delta Unisaw table saw Model 36-L552 is a very powerful table saw and comes standard for use with 220VAC. It is a standard 10″ table saw and the blade is designed to left tilt so there’s less like.

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This Delta Unisaw comes with the top of the line Biesemeyer table saw fence with the 52″ black body.

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Delta uses a trunnion system that is single cast. The result is one of smoothest, vibration free table saws you will be able to find. This saw runs a smooth as glass with no perceptible vibration whatsoever. Less vibration means better cuts and more reliable operation. Vibrations can cause lots of problems over the long haul but that is not an issue with this Unisaw.

Like just about every other table saw out there, this Delta Unisaw has two front wheels so you can adjust blade height and blade tilt separately. The adjustments are very precise so you can achieve accurate and repeatable cuts. The blade tilt has what Delta calls their “Bevel Dial”. It allows a blade tilt accuracy to within a quarter of a degree. With that kind of accuracy, you will no longer need a digital angle gauge set on the blade to adjust blade tilt.

To further reduce vibration, the base is made from heavy cast iron. The heavy gauge base weight gives the saw solid, vibration free operation.

If the 5 horsepower motor is too much, you can opt for a Unisaw with a 3 horsepower motor. Of course if you really want maximum power then you may want to opt for the 5 horsepower 220VAC motor instead of the 3 horsepower.

Manufacturer/Brand: Delta

Motor Size: 5 Horse Power

Key Feature: Trunnion system is single cast to virtually eliminate vibration.

Feature: Separate front wheels are on the front of the table saw to allow separate blade height and blade tilt adjustments

Feature: Blade tilt accuracy within a quarter of a degree

Feature: Solid, heavy cast iron base gives vibration free operation for repeatable accurate cuts every time.

Your choice of either a 3 horsepower or a 5 horsepower motor. Both are 220VAC motors

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