Buying the Best Hybrid Table Saw

They are also ideal for the home enthusiast who has to share space in their garage with a car or two, as well as bikes, toys, basketballs, lawnmowers and whatever else you may have to keep in there.

There are some people out there who claim a Hybrid Table Saw isn’t going to work as well for certain jobs, but I have found in my experience, if you’re willing to take your time and set the Hybrid saw up properly and anchor it in a stable position on your job site or garage, you can do whatever you need to successfully with one of these saws, even when making the comparison to a regular full sized saw.

Table Saw Power

In order to cut successfully, a table saw needs to have enough horsepower to get through whatever material you’re working with. The performance of the saw will be affected by the horsepower of each individual saw. The market provides us with a large variety of saws when you’re considering the power available. If you’re looking to successfully cut day in and day out in your shop you should shoot for a higher horsepower, between 2.5 to 6 horsepower.

If you’re not constantly cutting with your saw all day long, you should be safe choosing a Hybrid table saw that comes with lower horsepower. With a smaller horsepower saw you’re going to get a slower cut, but just exercise patience in the cut and you will have no problem getting a solid, straight cut.

Table Saw Safety Protection

Exercise safety when using a table saw. This is the most important characteristic of a Hybrid table saw. You and your employees are going to be using this saw regularly and you want to avoid injuries or accidents at all costs! If you end up in the emergency room from a saw accident, you’ll regret ever having purchased that saw.

If you don’t find the saw in our reviews, the only reason it isn’t going to be here is because it isn’t’ as safe as the other saws we do have listed in our reviews. One of the features that is very important is a new sensor, called a “flesh sensor.” This sensor is designed to stop the saw before it ever makes contact with flesh. It is supposed to take less than one tenth of a second to take the saw blade to a complete stop when this sensor is triggered.
Here is a video showing the traits of the “saw stop” sensor.

Table Saw Blade Sizes

How much blade do you need to get the job done? The bigger the blade does not always mean a better or safer saw. The majority of Hybrid table saw blades come in the 12-inch standard blade size. This size will get the job done on almost all cuts that you will see in a common construction job. Perhaps if you’re using this saw day in and day out again, cutting all day, and you have large projects to handle constantly, you’d want to look for a bigger blade. However, in most cases the 12-inch blade will be sufficient.

Table Saw Dust Management

Saw dust management is important to you finishing your job.

Hybrid table saws spit out a lot of dust just like your standard fixed saw. Sawdust and grit thrown out by the saw should be managed in an efficient manner in order to keep a clean job site. You don’t want to have to be stopping to empty the dust bag constantly in the middle of a job. The best saws will come with an excellent dust management system in order to keep you cutting through to the finish of your job, and then you can get that dust bag emptied out.

Magnetic Stop

The magnetic stop is a safety characteristic that should definitely be considered when purchasing a portable table saw. The magnetic stop is a way for the machine to keep the blade from popping on when it is plugged in, if the blade was left in the on switch after the last job. Imagine you used your saw last week, and unplugged it, but left the switch in the on position. The next time you go to use the saw, you plug it in and the blade kicks into life spinning dangerously when no one is ready for it. This is what a magnetic stop is supposed to keep from happening, and the best saws will all be equipped with these types of stops.


A portable Hybrid table saw especially needs to be simple to use and easy to transport. These saws are going to be moved around regularly, whether for storage or simply to transport it to the next job site. You do not want a saw that takes a long time to take down and set back up for each new job. The simplicity of use is an important aspect of each table saw we review. Remember, when you purchase a portable table saw it’s important to take the time required to sit down and read through the direction manual before using it for the first time.

When reading table saw reviews, take into account all these details.

Make yourself familiar with all the characteristics of whichever portable Hybrid saw you purchase. This will save you time and potentially keep you from incurring an injury later during use.

There are a variety of table saws available today. The Hybrid table saw is just one of the many that you can buy. Depending on your situation, one of these other saws might be more in line with your needs. But since you’re on this Hybrid table saws review website, I assume you’re searching for portability. But let’s go over some of the details about the other table saws just so you understand what you’re looking at when you’re shopping.
The Cabinet Table Saw is the biggest of the bunch, it is solidly built and not meant to move at all. It will generally do the best job while cutting, but you’re losing 100% of your portability.

The Contractor Table Saw is exactly what it sounds like. This table saw is built specifically for contractors out there that need to cut on the job and require the highest powered saws because of the quantity of cutting there doing every day.

The Hybrid Table Saw is built to give you a choice that isn’t 100% contractor and isn’t 100% cabinet saw. You typically get a little bit of manoeuvrability with these saws but nothing like a Hybrid one.

So What is the Best Hybrid Table Saw for You?

Each individual is looking for something specific to their own needs, so there is no perfect answer for which table saw is going to conquer all the others. This page is dedicated to the analysis and review of Hybrid table saws, so that’s what we primarily focus on.

There are many other resources out there for you to read and look for different types of saws. However, if you’re searching for the best in portability, you’ve come to the right place!

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