Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Review & Compare the Best Hybrid Table Saws for 2020

Hybrid table saws are an excellent choice if you want similar high performance of a cabinet table saw but with the portability and ease of use as a lighter table saw. Below we have provided some hybrid table saw reviews and information to help you find the best hybrid table saw for your needs.

Best Hybrid Table Saws


Rip Size
99 lbs
1 Year
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Sawstop CNS175 review
245 lbs
1 year
404 lbs
1 year
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225 lbs
1 year
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shop fox
Shop Fox
260 lbs
2 year

Grizzly G0715P

The first thing to note about the Grizzly G0715P is the impressive rip capacity of 30-inches giving you the ability to work with large pieces and sheets of wood. The 2-horse power motor produces an impressive amount of power and gets the blade spinning at 3850 RPM which also helps make it a very safe. Another thing to note is this hybrid table saw has a great capacity for dust collection, it’s similar the dust collection capabilities of a larger cabinet saw.To help reduce kick-back problems this saw has a anti kick-back system that works very well. The G0715P has a Camlock T Shaped Fence which helps make very high precision cuts and produces highly accurate workmanship every time.

Shop Fox W1824

The Shop Fox W1824 hybrid table saw has a 2-year (limited) warranty which shows you shop fox stand behind their products. To help keep the saw stable at high blade RPM it has heavy duty iron trunnions that also promote safety. The only downside obviously is the weight of this saw, it’s a bit over 400 lbs so is certainly not light weight, this is something that you must consider when looking to purchase this product, you must check with retailers and delivery companies to make sure this saw can be delivered without problems with its size or weight.

Because of its weight, it makes the W1824 closer to a cabinet saw rather than a hybrid, if you’re looking for a light weight and practical table saw this probably isn’t the best option for you. On the other hand, if you plan on doing lots of woodwork and have a work shop this is a saw to consider.

JET 708482

The JET 708482 is a well-made hybrid table saw. It has a 2-year warranty giving you peace of mind. It has a semi open leg construction like a contractor style. It has a fully enclosed cabinet for great dust collection keeping your workshop dust free. This saw has a great 30” fence with a T square design, it also has a 10” blade included to get you started straight away.

It has a blade height and the tilt mechanism provides maximum depths of 3-1/8 inches at 0 degrees and 2-1/8 inches at 45 degrees. Other features include a 1.75-horsepower motor, 1-phase, 115/230-volt motor; rip capacity 30-inches. All round this is a great saw for a great price and will be a great addition to any workshop, follow the links to see the best prices available today. 

Shop Fox W1837

The Shop fox is a brilliant table saw that is easy to transport because of its lighter weight but it has the construction of a high-end cabinet or construction table saw. It has the dust control and the full features you would expect in a higher more professional level, including a 4-inch dust port for you to attach your dust extractor properly.

The cabinet is also enclosed to help reduce dust which is one thing we really liked. It has an anti-kickback and a blade that can be changed quickly and efficiently and a Lift off saw fence with front and rear locking. It has a brilliantly strong cast iron table and steel wings which show this is a quality hybrid table saw. The W1837 has a large rip capacity of 30 inches on the right and 15 inches on the left

Woodtek 159665

The Woodtek 159665 is on the larger side of the hybrid table saws. It has an impressive 30-inch rip capacity with its T square fence. To help with the dust issues you often have with large table saws they have made the Woodtek fully enclosed to help with this problem. It has cast iron heavy duty table top and wings, this is a truly solid saw. Another feature we liked was the see through riving knife which helps keep cuts accurate. It has a one year warranty which I think for us was its biggest downfall as it’s such a solid saw we felt it should have a longer warranty. Things we really liked though were its dust collecting capabilities, it has a euro style dust shroud which helps collect dust directly off the 10-inch blade.

Other features include a 2HP motor, 1PH Voltage: 115/230V a 10-inch table saw blade a Dust Port: 4″, Blade Dia.: 10″, Blade Tilt: 0-45 Left, Table Size: 27″ x 44″. It has a table height of 35, and a Maximum Dado Width: 13/16″. One thing to think about is its weight as its pretty heavy coming in at 225 lbs, it has a total shipping weight of 261 lbs so you must make sure you take this in to account when ordering.

 What to look for when buying a Hybrid table saw

Hybrid table saws are a great choice if you want similar power and performance to a cabinet table saw but need the flexibility and portability of a lighter more convenient saw. They often have more power than a standard type but will be light enough to move around easily (depending on the model) Unlike a full cabinet saws the hybrid often has a smaller and lighter stand. These stands are good at dulling down noise and can help reduce and collect saw dust. Just to note, you want to review the size of the dust port and dust collection bag before you buy a new hybrid table saw, a saw with a small bag will cause problems if you doing lots of cuts and woodworking on a regular basis.hybrid table saw

Another thing to consider is the size of the table saw blade. A lot of hybrid saws will come with a 12-inch blade which is a good middle ground size but many woodworkers often prefer the smaller 10-inch blade as it gives them more precise control over cuts. The blade RPM is also one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a new table saw. The speed of the blade is very important in the quality of the cut but also safety, a faster blade will cut the wood better and smoother and you will worry less about the blade getting caught.

Safety is the main issue when dealing with a hybrid table saw. This is a very serious issue and should be taken very seriously. It’s unfortunately not uncommon for woodworkers, and experienced woodworkers for that matter, to receive serious injuries from table saws and power tools. There are a lot of great safety features now available on the market.

hybridSawstop table saws have brilliant system, it works by running a small electrical current through the blade and because your body is conductive the saw can pick up the change in signal and electrical current once the blade is touched by human skin. Once the blade is touched the saws safety system is activated, a brake stops the blade in an incredible 5miliseconds! The blade goes down under the table instantly meaning any further injury is prevented, power is instantly switched off. One thing to consider is you must replace the blade and the brake cartridge but for me this is a tiny price to pay for such a great system.

Bosch have created a brilliant new system that uses a small explosive charge (believe it of not!) to blast down the table saw blade under the main table top. It’s done in such a way as to not damage the table saw blade at all, no bending or warping. All you need to then do is insert a new explosive charge and push the bade back above the table. Read more about the Bosch here. Some saws are smaller than cabinet saws making the rip capacity smaller, some hybrid table saw stands include an extension to lessen this dilemma. This higher quality portable table saw comes at a reasonable price and permits the user to create a selection of cuts.

shopfoxThere are several fantastic hybrid table saws in the marketplace nowadays and it’s not always simple to select which to buy. There are numerous different kinds of table saw, all for unique purposes and at unique price points. At current, hybrid table saws offer you enclosed cabinets to increase dust collection. Generally, hybrid saws try to duplicate the characteristics of the cabinet saw in a scaled-down version. Hybrid table saws provide a less expensive way for people to get similar performance to cabinet saws which makes them a great option for hobbyists

If you intend to use a saw for long periods of time, these are unlikely to be as good as a cabinet table saw Hybrid table saws are perfect for the handyman since they don’t take up lots of storage space like the huge cabinet table saws. It is among the lightest, smallest pro-quality table saws you may get. So, make sure you read through reviews, analyse specifications and have a look at the positive and negative points of any hybrid saws you’re considering.  There’s also great review videos on YouTube which can be extremely useful to, make sure to check them out.

We hope this article has helped you decide on which table saw maybe best suited to your needs. Remember always consider the size of your workshop or work area, don’t go and buy the biggest most expensive saw you can find as it may be difficult to work safely in your workshop if it takes up too much space. Also, consider your budget, it may be a good idea to go for a slightly cheaper model to begin with until you get to a higher level of workmanship, especially if it’s just a hobby.

On the other hand, if you’re a professional carpenter or woodworker, it’s probably best to spend that bit extra to make sure you get the best saw possible, it will pay off in the long run, especially if your using it every day. For other table saw reviews click back to our home page for the rest of our reviews.