A Look into the Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw

boschBoth the Bosch 4100-09 and the GTS1031 have the Bosch approach to on-tool storage, but it becomes even more important with a model that is intended for one-handed hefting (vs the rolling stand of the 4100-09). Everything from the miter gauge, to the Square lock™ fence all fits nicely on board and out of the way and more importantly stays on board during transportation of the saw.

Next comes the weight and grip of the machine. At just around 50lbs it is not the very lightest option but is still very manageable particularly with the assistance of the built in carrying handles. Many of the “one-hand” models feel awkward when trying to transport or are difficult to grip. Luckily that is not an issue with the Bosch GTS1031 Table saw. The position of the handle, distributes the weight comfortably and in a way that feels familiar to the hand. This makes it much simpler to carry as well as hang up for storage.

There are many portable table saw options, but they seem to lack the same ease of portability, the sturdiness in design, or even performance.  The Bosch GTS1031 doesn’t make you sacrifice any of those items and delivers especially well on its intended purpose of being mobile. If mobility is the main concern when purchasing a table saw would be our first choice. If you want to learn more about the GTS1031.

I consider the Dewalt DW745 as the Neapolitan flavour of table saws. If you aren’t quite sure whether to go horrendously expensive for precision cuts, or with plastic parts for lightweight, the Dewalt DW745 offers a good compromise. Of course it offers a good quality motor with reliable results. It’s just that you may need to do some initial tweaking to the rip fence prior vs the out of box performance of the Bosch 4100-09. On the other hand, it is one of the very lightest saws at only 45lbs. This is accomplished it seems through the use of plastic in certain areas where more expensive saws may use metal.

This saw also comes in a great small size that is easy to manage, albeit not quite as well balanced as the GTS1031. Regarding the use of plastics this is often off-putting, but it is not always the worst thing to happen to a product. Although we would prefer a full metal machine for durability’s sake, there are many high grade plastics that manage abuse with less weight and less money. This appears to be the case with the Dewalt DW745 table saw as it is the least expensive of our top 3 picks. The DW745 is not the least expensive option available, but that is why we touted this machine as the most “affordable” and not as the “cheapest.” Many lower cost options will cut through a board but they lack majorly many or all of the other areas such as safety, reliability, precision, etc. As the most affordable table saw available the Dewalt DW745 offers the best balance of all features without breaking the bank.  bosch

Out of Box Precision

Compared to the other models on the market, the Bosch 4100-09 table saw offers the best out-of-box precision. This is accomplished by the combination of the patented Bosh Square lock™ rip fence, the solidly build sliding arms, and the sturdy base that comes standard with the 4100-09. When conducting the Bosch 4100-09 table saw review, we were immediately impressed with how sturdy and well-built it appeared to be.

This seems to be a veritable necessity for any true precision product as the use of shoddy parts results in a quickly deteriorated machine. This becomes even more true when taking into account the constant vibration and force of the motor that this machine handles each time it gets used. That being said the 4100-09 has made a name for itself in longevity. After years of abuse, the machine keeps on turning its blades with power.

The construction is mostly of metal and the table top has a very smooth surface that aids in the execution of precision cuts. Surely a full sliding table saw is the best option but short of spending several thousand dollars on a bulky machine, we find the frictionless surface of the 4100-09 to be a very comfortable option.

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