Best Drill Press Reviews for 2017!

Whether for personal projects, woodwork projects, metal work projects or constructions, purchasing a drill press should be done with keenness just like when buying other tools. There are portable and fixed drill presses which come in different sizes so it is good to know the best drill press to satisfy personal requirements.

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Portable drill press-The most convenient drill presses

Acquiring a portable drill press is the smartest move to make when purchasing one because with it you can work on different items, including immovable items like benches. When you have do-it yourself projects like fixing your room or your garage or even your grill a portable drill press will not disappoint you because you will be mounting it on the items you need to drill without much effort.

drill press reviewsGuidelines to follow when making your selection

If you agree that a portable drill press is your best shot a satisfactory drill press then these guidelines will help you get it. Even if you decide to buy a fixed one they will still apply perfectly.

– How much does your drill press weigh? If you are going to buy a portable drill press then you need one that you can carry around comfortably without feeling strained. You need to look for a drill press that weighs only a few pounds but still performs well.

– How powerful is the motor? You are buying a machine and accordingly efficiency is equals to power. You need to buy a drill press with a motor power that is at least 4 amp and above to make your drilling easier, especially for metal work the motor has to be superior for excellent outcomes

– What is the speed range of the motor? Of course the different drilling jobs require different speeds to get the best outcomes. Wood and metal are very different materials and if you are going to make holes on them one will require higher speeds than the other. You need to purchase a drill that puts all these factors into consideration. 700-4000 rpm will do just fine.

– Is the drilling depth adjustable? While on your woodwork or metal work project you need to bore holes of different depths on your wood or metal pieces for different bolts. You need a drill press that can be adjusted to produce the different lengths.

– Any extra features? A good machine should be able to perform some additional jobs besides the primary one. A drill press with a laser beam should be an added advantage because the laser beam drills even tinier holes than the standard sized ones. Other things to look out for are safety measures and usability. Your drill press should be safe to handle, especially those with laser beams, and easy to use.

Purchase your drill press

With your check-list at hand, you now need to go into a store and make your purchase but wait, there are different brands with different costs. How durable your drill press is going to be will depend on who manufactures it. The kind of manual you get for your machine will also depend on the manufacturer. You definitely need a durable machine with easy to follow instructions so you better have the best brands in mind. Pricing is usually on top of the list and while keeping within your budget is important you shouldn’t be afraid to let go of a few extra bucks to get the best package available. There are also coupons and discounts available if you have the time to check around all the stores selling you drill presses.

Tips For Purchasing The Best Drill Pressdrill press 2016

Irrespective of whether you are working in the backyard or at a workshop you will want to have the best drill press on hand. Did you know there are a variety of tasks that can be accomplished with such a press? One thing to remember though is that if you hasten and purchase the cheapest one that you can find then you might as well be prepared for a quick disappointment. You should always make sure that the tool is capable of doing the work that needs done.

Before purchasing a drill press stop and think what it will be used for. These come in different sizes from small to enormous. This is why it is always best to think about what needs to be done with the press before making the purchase. If you are in a workshop and always have big jobs to do then it only makes sense that a small press will not be of any use for you. Remember when the drill press is not in use then it will need enough space for storage.

Now you are ready to figure out how much money you can spare for purchasing this tool. A drill press comes in many different ranges as far as price is concerned. If you are on a tight budget then it would not make any sense to try and spend thousands of dollars on your new press. There is no reason to think that you have to spend a mint when there are good versions that will cost half the amount of money.

No matter which of the top drill press you might be looking at just remember they are actually set up for performing different kinds of tasks. A point to remember is what exactly the press is going to be used for. Some presses are meant for handling heavier material in large numbers. The thicker the metal that the press will be going through the more money you will need to spend. There are cheaper presses available in the market that can handle wood if that is the material which you work with the most.

If you are not sure which brand to go with then take some time and indulge in research. Read the reviews, testimonials and feedback and see what other consumers are saying about the brand and the product. This is the best way to make sure the press will be everything that you were expecting. It is also a good way for comparing the brands and seeing what each manufacturer has to offer through his product.

Accessories are also very important. Some will actually come with a variety of drill bits, different sizes of holes, and many other goodies. It can be expensive if you have to purchase everything separately so make sure the press comes with at least some accessories. Also make sure of what kind of warranty is in place in case something goes wrong with the machine.

Since this is going to be one of your more major investments do not acquire one in a hurry. It is best to take your time and decide on the perfect press for your needs. The easiest place to start looking around is online so you can read everything about the product without venturing out of the comfort of your home. This eliminates any associate trying to talk you into a bigger machine than what is actually needed.

So remember to compare the various brands and see what accessories can be acquired as a part and parcel of the package. Make sure you figure a price that will fit into your budget easily. Always think about what type of job your press will be used for the most. Never forget to check about the warranty that is in place and what exactly it entails before making the purchase.

best drill press reviews 2016Buying Guide For Drill Presses

Through drill presses, you get high precision, which is useful for making perfect holes no matter what the material. There are different kinds of presses available. If you choose the right one, you have the essential tool to complete any DIY job no regardless of the angle you are working from. Versatility is a prominent feature of a drill press because it has many attachments. These can help you turn the drill press into a mixer or even a sander if you so require.


First type is the bench top, which you can mount on top of a stand or workbench. Another type is the freestanding floor drill press, which comes with highly powerful motors. It does not only offer more power than the bench top drill press, but also allows you to use various attachments according to your requirements. For better accessibility and mobility, some of the freestanding floor presses have wheels.

Considerations before buying

Some of the considerations that will help you to choose from types of drill presses include the usual types and sizes of materials you work with. The angles you usually drill at is another important factors that counts into the drill you buy.

The space available in your shop or home for placing the drill is another important point. In case you work often with heavy-duty metals, you should choose the freestanding floor drill, which comes with greater power and offers better flexibility of using attachments and enhancing the power of the drill. Choose a drill with higher horsepower because it can easily bore into tough materials. Consider your needs before buying a drill. Match capacity the drill to your needs so that you get the ideal benefits and best value for your money.

Speed and power specifications

Power and speed are factors that count a lot in their operation and effectiveness. The floor standing drill press has a better, more powerful motor and hence, greater capacity. These models mostly vary between ½ and ¾ hp. Contrary to this, the bench-top model comes with capacity of 1/3 or ¼ hp. For those people who use the drill press for drilling metal as well as wood, it is best to get a drill press that has a range of speeds and offers versatility.

This is important because you need low-speed to drill metal while you need medium to high-speed for drilling wood. With variations of speeds, you are able to drill various material types with varying requirements of thickness and depth. In bench-top models, you have fewer options of setting the speed. Take into account the projects and requirements you usually need to fulfill and then choose from the drill presses available in the market.

If you are using drill press for various materials and application, invest in drill bits accordingly. For every application, there is a different kind of drill bit, which cones in really handy and helps you complete your project perfectly.