Best Chainsaw Reviews 2016 – Gas & Electric Reviewed

How to Choose the best chainsaw?

Consider these options when selecting your chainsaw.


Intended use

Predicted amount of use

Mode of Power

1-Budget according to your expected usage and personal finances. You can get an affordable, but smaller quality chainsaw for less money. If you have varied jobs, you may want to ponder buying two chainsaws.

2-Consider the desired size carefully. A large chainsaw, more than 16 inches, can be a beast for a novice. If you are new at using the chainsaw select a 14-inch or smaller. A small chainsaw is easier to handle and weighs less. You will feel the weight on your arms and hands with extended usage, so pick carefully.

3-Think about your intended use. It may be hard to predict what size trees you will be taking down, but a large tree or a large patch of bramble and brush requires a longer blade length. And because hardwood trees, such as maple, dogwood, locust, oak, and aspen, require more power select a longer blade if they will need your attention. The longer the blade, the more the power output.

4-Do you want a gas or electric powered chainsaw? A gas-powered tool gives more power, so consider your expected usage. They also have longer blades. You do not have to worry about a cord. Big jobs would be better accomplished with a gas-powered chainsaw.

If you go with an electric power source, you do not need to worry about the oil mix, but you do no need to contend with the cord. They suit smaller jobs.

5-Also consider of the weight and length of the chainsaw. What kind of shape are you in, how long will you be suing it, how long do you think you are capable of using it. Evaluate your physical capacity for usage.


A chainsaw is an exact purchase. You must consider what jobs will be required of the purchase. Selecting the right chainsaw can guarantee you are able to cut trees, branches, or brambles. How you use it is your call, but make sure you cut the firewood before the next blizzard, so you are not left sitting in the dark and the cold.

Top 3 Chainsaw reviews:

Below are given, our short reviews of 3 best chainsaw

1-Worx wg 303.1 Chainsaw:

Horsepower Peak: 3.5

Weight: 11 pounds

Bar Length: 16 Inches

Amp: 14.5

This workingman’s electric chainsaw is easy to use and maintain. The WORX comes with an auto-tension system which helps extend the bar and chain life spans. Implementation of one large knob secures the chain and also the bar. Consequently, the tension delivered is just right. It also comes equipped with an automatic oiler eliminating the need for the inaccurate gas and oil mix and application.

It is lightweight and has a rear hold handle made of rubber and a complete wrap front handle for operator control. This rubber also makes the handle comfortable to your hands. You won’t have the extra weight pain or hand discomfort with this beauty.

It is powerful enough to take down that black olive tree, but easy enough to handle to cut that tree into wood stove sized logs and kindling. If that was not enough WORX advertises a tool-free chain replacement.

2-Makita UC4030A Chainsaw

Voltage: 120

Weight: 13.9 pounds

Bar Length: 10.5 inches

The Makita UC4030A is a great chain saw for first time owners. It is easy to operate, known for having a long life span, and great for smaller jobs. It is powerful, a good size, and comes with a super large knob button for a seamless start-up.

It may not be the chainsaw for large jobs, or large trees, but it will quickly take down small trees, and slice up firewood for the wood stove or fireplace.

There is a built-in timing mechanism, which monitors power output to prevent motor burnout. The handles are formed from a malleable rubber for comfort while using.

Makita has been in the tool business for over 100 years. They have a fine reputation for quality materials. They also have a liberal guarantee, which states that if the equipment issue is their fault, they will repair or replace without charge.

3-Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw review

Horsepower: 3.2 HP X-Torq

Weight: 10.8 pounds

Bar Length:18 inches

If you have an oak tree to fell or brambles to slice through, this is your tool. The Husqvarna is a gas-powered chainsaw with minimal exhaust emissions but maximum fuel usage.

The frame is lightweight and Husqvarna has added an anti-vibration system called the LowVib. Your body will not continue shaking long after you have stopped cutting wood.

It has an easy to unhook cover. When you are ready to clean the unit or change the spark plugs you can open it with one snap. The kickback k is at a minimal level, which is great for safety.

Husqvarna offers a two-year limited warranty. The company, which was actually founded in Sweden in 1689, is known for quality products. This chainsaw is evidence of that tradition.

Check out Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw reviews on Amazon

Different Types of Chainsaws:

Chainsaws tend to be categorized and evaluated by size, mode of power, and styles. It also does matter if you are cutting up one medium sized pine or taking out an entire grove of hearty oak trees.

There are two styles:

Professional: The professional chainsaw will be used daily for extended times. It needs maximum performance and power. It also needs a comprehensive guarantee that covers defective parts and repairs. It cannot be too heavy or awkward when handling. If you work in Tundra type weather, there are some heated handle commercial chainsaw options.

Personal Use: You should not expect lower quality with a personal chainsaw, but do expect less power for performance. The guarantee should also be comprehensive as the saw may sit for extended times and you might not be aware of issues at the moment.

If your Looking for an Electric Chainsaw, Read our guide below:

To be precise, what do you need an electric chainsaw for?

Do you want to saw big, heavy logs?

Do you want to saw some average sized logs?

Do you just want to clean up the hedges surrounding your home?

Do you need it for your daily work? Or,

Do you need it temporarily?

Well, these are the categories of need. Or

You may want a chainsaw just because you want one, just because you love tools. This chainsaw buiyng guide will help you choose the optimal tool.

And choosing an electric chainsaw will entirely depend on your need of this machine. The first thing that everyone knows that electric chainsaws (12-16 inch) are not for cutting down big, fat, erected trees. They are meant for average size trees of around 5-14 inch in diameter. And one needs to be very much technical in handling it, especially when one means to cut down some erected trees, for things like an electric chainsaw is good for fallen down trees or logs, or pieces of woods. A vertical log or tree may tighten down on your bar and chain, and you may easily damage it for good.

So, to be frank, if you want to saw a big, fat, heavy, erect tree, you need something big, not a 12-16 inch chainsaw. Now, for your medium size logs, we have some suggestions that may be helpful to you to choose a good electric chainsaw.

Motor HP/ amp

The electric chainsaw you are going to buy must have a 3-3.5 HP motor, or a 12-14 amp motor. Without a powerful motor of these types an electric chainsaw would not be a good cutter. So this is the first thing you should check.

Automatic Oiler and Oil Indicator

An automatic oiler is a must for the longevity of any electric chainsaw. It lubricates the chain for a smooth, peaceful cut. The oil indicator will show you the level of oil so that you can refill it timely before it is exhausted.

Strong Blade and Bar

A strong steel or chrome steel blade is a must. This is the thing that does the actual act of cutting your logs. And the bar will support your chain. So it also has to be very strong. One should check out their ability to saw deep and fast into any wood.

Chain Tension, Tool-less

This is an addition to modern electric chainsaws. The old models don’t contain this facility. So the chains of those models used to get loose of the bar after some cutting is done. This is quite disturbing. You need to tighten the chain with extra tools and labour after every time it gets loose. But a tool-less chain tensioning system solves it all. You can tighten the chain whenever you know that it’s loose. You do not need any tool; your machine must contain a knob for this service.

Chain Lock/ Break

Some machines contain this device around the grip. This is important. You may need to stop very suddenly because something or somebody has suddenly come across your running chain. Only switching off the trigger doesn’t stop the run instantly. A chain lock/ break do it.


A light weight machine is always preferable. A heavy weight machine will exhaust you soon. Light weight but strong enough for you action is the best solution. A preferable weight range is 10-13 pounds. You can work long hours with such a weight.

Ergonomic Device

This is not a luxury in case of an electric chainsaw. It’s hard work and ergonomic machines are must to continue it for long hours. Basically a balanced weight machine with a hand grip is ergonomic. It’s better to try out some designs to know which one is ergonomic for you.


It’s a machine, so it may fail you any time for some technical problems. You will pay your hard earned money for it. Considering all these, you should look for a warranted device. Many a good electric chainsaw offer 1-2 years of warranty. You should better select one of them.

Reasonable Cost

Last but the one of the most important fact is the price of the device you want to buy. Modern technology can produce things in an unimaginable lower cost. So should never think that a highly priced machine is a very high quality machine. Now-a-days, a very high quality machine can be available at an unbelievable low price. So, you can comfortably start from a lower priced one.